About Us

The world of cooking oil is a wide and varied one that can be incredibly overwhelming for those new to the culinary arts. This is where we can help! At OilScouts.org, our mission is to meticulously review different cooking oils and share what we learn with the general public. Are you tired of site hopping to find information strewn all over the internet? So are we! That’s why OilScouts.org exists—to create a one-stop shop for cooking oil and other culinary-related information.

Our Beginning

OilScouts.org grew out of one couple’s frequent searches for kitchen oil information and their resulting frustration at having to visit different sites for each oil. The problem was that while some sites gave good information on some types of oil, others were often missing or not given adequate attention. Some sites were too technical, others were laughably basic. In short, there was no site that had the variety, level of detail, and tone that was desired, so Gregor and Lorelei decided to make it themselves.

Our Reviews

Our reviews aim to provide both general and detailed information about different cooking oils. Within them, you will find information on an oil’s nutritional value, average price, its different varieties, the capacity in which it is best used, differences between brands, and other things of that nature. We craft our content carefully, combining our findings from our real-world testing with scientific information and research.

We strive to write reviews that are honest and informative, with no “sales pitching” and no gimmicks. Our reviews are written by people knowledgeable in the culinary arts, who have spent years studying and experimenting in their own kitchens before branching out into the virtual sphere of the internet.

Our Team

Gregor and LoreleiGregor and Lorelei: Gregor and Lorelei met when they were 23 and 21, respectively, and were married five years later, in 2014. Gregor is currently working as a pastry chef, while Lorelei, who has a degree in nutrition, manages a catering company. Both love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, which has given them a great deal of experience in using a variety of different types of cooking oils. They firmly believe that using the right type of oil is essential for the best-tasting food and have made it their goal to educate others.


JuliaJulia: With over 50 years of experience in the kitchen, Julia (Lorelei’s mother) is OilScouts.org most seasoned cook. She worked as the manager for a bakery for 20 years before retiring in 2012 and now she sells her own pastry creations at local grocery stores , where she has built up quite a loyal following.


JamieJamie: At 24, Jamie is OilScouts.org youngest staff member, but also one of the most well-informed. He has recently graduated from a culinary arts program and is currently working as a sous chef. His knowledge of ingredient properties is expansive and impressive, coming from years of study (he became interested in cooking in middle school) and a solid academic background and understanding of the culinary arts. Like Lorelei, Jamie is also interested in nutrition and has plans to go back to school to earn his degree in the subject.

Why we do this

Every staff member of OilScouts.org believes in the power of good food. It can bring people together, make a bad day seem better, and ease stress. Pairing your food with the perfect cooking oil is simply one way to maximize your food’s flavor potential.