Scrumptious Brussel Sprouts: You Can Make Them

Scrumptious Brussel Sprouts

It’s time to include more vegetables in your diet, so you’re settling this thing with Brussel sprouts, once and for all. But you’re lost on how to prepare them. You don’t want to boil them, but then what are you supposed to do? And how do you make them taste good? Here’s a fail safe, healthy way to cook delicious Brussel sprouts that can be applied to any vegetable.

Easier Than You Think

Salt, black pepper, and butter will make just about anything taste good, Brussel sprouts included. For two to three cups of Brussel sprouts, add one to two tbsp. of butter, ¼ tsp. of pepper, and ½ tsp. of sea salt. And chopping up a clove of garlic, or sprinkling garlic powder into the mix does wonders for any vegetable.

Okay, I’m In! How to Cook Them?

Steaming is the best method for cooking most vegetables, especially if you still like yours with a crunch to them. This method is best because cook time is short, and the nutrients are not destroyed by high temperatures and long cooking time. Steaming involves putting an inch or two of water in a pot or pan, throwing in the Brussel sprouts, and cooking them on medium heat for five to ten minutes. Be sure to cut the sprouts into coins so they cook quickly.

Chop up a clove or two of garlic to steam with the sprouts. You can add in butter while the sprouts are cooking, or stir it in when they’re done. Use olive oil instead if you prefer not to use butter. Definitely hold the seasonings until the water has evaporated from the sprouts.

Steam them in what?

Some people just throw veggies in a sauté pan to steam them, while others appreciate the ease of using a steamer basket. Using a large pan, bring the water to a boil, then toss in the Brussel sprouts and cover them. Your sprouts are ready when the water evaporates. Cook time will depend on how tender or crunchy you prefer your sprouts, so if there’s leftover water, simply drain it off.

Using a steamer basket or insert eliminates the worry over draining. Bring an inch of water to a boil in a pot large enough for the steamer. Place the Brussel sprouts in the steamer, then add it into the pot. When you remove the steamer, remember to let it drip over the pot for a bit to get rid of excess moisture.

Steamer or Sauté Pan?

I’m one of those who appreciate the ease of the steamer, so I use my steamer basket anytime I cook Brussel sprouts. I also prefer my veggies to be as flavorful as possible, and sitting the sprouts, garlic, and butter or oil in water can subtract from the flavor.

The Norpro Steamer collapses into itself for easy storage

My darling steamer is this stainless steel one from Norpro. This steamer collapses into itself, which is convenient for storage, and its opening can expand from 5-1/2 to 9-1/2 inches according to the amount of vegetables I want to steam.

A pricier, more upscale option is the digital steamer from Hamilton Beach. This thing does all the work for you. It comes with steaming bowls and a built-in cooking timer. You just fill the steamer with water, add the veggies to the provided bowls, place one or both of the bowls on the base, and set the timer. When the veggies are ready, it automatically switches to warm. This steamer can be used for far more things than just veggies, hence the price and all the bells and whistles.

So Get to Cooking!

Sometimes, the worst thing about eating healthy is sacrificing flavor. Don’t make that sacrifice. You now have a simple, healthy way to prepare delicious Brussel sprouts. Get yourself a steamer, and put it to the test!

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