Organic vs Non-Organic Food: Is there a difference?

organic food

I love hearing about organic food. Whenever somebody starts ranting about the benefits and “magic” of fruits or vegetables that look exactly the same as as any other non-organic alternative, but are deceitfully priced three times higher and sport a shiny label, I gradually look away and into the distance. Eyes riveted on a point […]

A Sea of Influences

Cooking Styles

From traditional Mediterranean dishes shared around a table with family and friends, deeply imbued with the culture of familial cooking present in much of western Europe, to the exciting theater that is Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine, styles of traditional cooking around the world are rapidly changing. Over the past few years, I feel as if I have […]

Refined or Unrefined Cooking Oil?

unrefined oil

  When deciding which oil to use when cooking, you will probably be faced with a wide range of choices. A number of cooking oils, primarily those that are created from common seeds, such as sunflower and canola oils, are “refined” so that they look, taste and feel the way you might expect them to […]