The Best Oils for Hair Growth

The Best Oils for Hair Growth

The Simple Solution for Hair Growth

The hairstyles of today require frequent processing by heat, coloring, and other chemical treatments to keep hair manageable and looking good. But it doesn’t look good when your hair starts breaking off and falling out after years, if not months, of abuse. What to do?! What will repair the damage? What will get your hair back on track, healthy, and growing again?

The Answer to Your Prayers

Oils rich in vitamin E will fix your hair no problem! Vitamin E is the front man in promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

How does it do that?!

Vitamin E encourages the growth of capillaries, which in turn improves circulation in the scalp. Not only does this prevent the loss of hair, but it stimulates rapid growth of hair follicles. Vitamin E will also prevent further breakage from occurring, putting a stop to split ends, dry hair, and reversing damage caused by blow drying.

Which Oils Contain Vitamin E?

Avocado oil and argan oil are the oils most rich in vitamin E. Avocado oil works by clearing clogged hair follicles, strengthening hair fibers, protecting hair from heat damage, repairing hair damaged by heat and styling, and eliminating split ends and frizzy hair. Avocado oil is nice to use on the hair because it absorbs into the scalp quickly, doesn’t weigh the hair down as other oils do, and can help with hair loss.

Argan oil is light, thin, and does not block the pores. This oil hydrates the hair, preventing frizzing and breakage. It is rich in keratin, the very matter hair strands are made of. Argan repairs cell membranes, healing hair fibers of damage from heat and color treatments. Providing nourishment to the scalp, argan oil enhances elasticity, and promotes hair growth. It also regulates the pH of sebum, the oil naturally produced by the scalp and skin.


You can use either of the above oils as a leave-on conditioner to heal dry and damaged hair. Applying the oils to your scalp daily will rehydrate the hair and heal hair shafts. Massaging the oils into your scalp will increase blood circulation in the scalp and encourage hair growth.

The Better of the Two

Now Food’s Organic Argan Oil

Essentially, both oils serve the same purpose and do the same things. My default is to opt for the less costly choice, which is avocado oil in this case. Argan oil will run you upwards of $12 for two ounces, whereas avocado oil can be found in a 16-ounce bottle for roughly the same price. Now Foods organic argan oil is priced most reasonably. To get similar prices with other brands, you have to purchase argan oil on sale.

Avocado oil can get pricy as well. I tend to gravitate toward cold-pressed oils, which cost more than their expeller-pressed counterparts. But the brand I’ve stuck with is Ellyndale Organics, who sells expeller-pressed avocdo oil in a 16.9-ounce bottle for a very reasonable price. The same amount of cold-pressed avocado oil from companies such as Chosen Foods costs almost twice as much as the expeller pressed product. The best thing to do with pricy items like this is to purchase those cold-pressed oils while they’re on sale. That way, you get cold-pressed oil for expeller-pressed oil prices. Outside of a sale, make your selection according to whether you value cost or product quality most.

For this oil, I take my chances with the more affordable expeller-pressed product, and it works well for my hair care needs. It does a great job protecting my hair from the damage that comes along with styling by heat. But for someone aiming to promote hair growth or reverse damage to their hair from harsh treatments, I recommend going for the cold-pressed product. Your hair is thirsty and in need of a pick-me-up, and the best oil for your hair is the most nutrient-rich oil. Go with cold-pressed avocado oil.


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